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Created on 2010-10-03 03:50:47 (#653497), last updated 2011-03-10 (423 weeks ago)

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Name:A Weekly Gaming Fandom Drabble Challenge
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Hello and welcome to [community profile] easymode, a weekly drabble challenge community for any and all gaming fandoms!

Once a week on Tuesdays, a theme will be posted and everyone will have a week to write a 100-word drabble for it! If you're suddenly inspired by a theme but the week is up, don't fret! Amnesty weeks will give you a chance to revisit old themes if you wish!


1. By any and all gaming fandoms, we do mean all. You can write for your tiny game fandoms that only three people have even heard of and you can also write for huge gaming fandoms such as Final Fantasy and Warcraft. If the canon source is a video game, then you can write for it!

2. The drabble must be exactly 100 words long. While this is [community profile] easymode, there still needs to be some challenge involved. ;) If you don't have a word processor with a word count, use this online word count tool to check and make sure it fits the word limit.

3. Each drabble need to be a story that can stand on their own. A drabble series is fine, so long as each individual drabble stands on its own and doesn't require reading the others to make sense.

4. Posting guidelines are as follows:

The subject line should include: [Fandom, Weekly Theme]. For example: Final Fantasy VII, Battle.

Please use this header for the actual post itself:

Fandom: [which game you're writing for]
Rating: [all audiences, teen, mature, explicit]

And your drabble should go under a cut tag. Please don't forget this step!

Further note on warnings:
- You must warn for dubcon/noncon, suicide, self-harm, incest and underage sex in which one or both participants are 16 years or younger. If you don't warn for these, then your drabble post may be deleted.
- Do not warn for slash, femslash or het.
- Do not warn for something silly like "contains bananas". Allergies are bad yes, but they are not that bad.

5. Remember! This is for fun! Treat everyone with respect and enjoy yourself!

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